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SDGs 2030

We have pledged to play our part to make world a better place of living for everyone.

We are much more than an art organization. With the help of our art we try to bring more people to see the problems prevailing in the society and try to play our part in creating awareness. 

There is no medium better than art to speak to the masses without uttering a single word.

We have done following projects over the period

Chhapaak SGGs.jpg


Jiyat hav re jiyat lav

Over the period of time people of Chhattisgarh have demanded Chhatisgarhi to be added to the list of state languages in the Indian constitution.

In addition to this our director was also a part of demonstration regarding amendment in the bill held at Jantar Mantar.

Padbo-Likhbo-Bolbo -2.jpg

Goal SDGs 4

Padbo-Likhbo-Bolbo -1.jpg


Padhbo likhbo bolbo

Goal 4 SDGS

Aiming to improve the ratio of education of female child in rural areas and improving the quality of education for all the kids in any part of the country irrespective of any social barrier. 

Dulaurin Aazad_.jpg


Beti padhao beti bacaho

Goal 5 SDGS

Aiming to create awareness regarding female feticide in the country, lack of basic facilities and rights for girl child, we demonstrated rangoli titled "Beti bacaho beti padhao" which gathered a huge positive response.


Save Environment

Goal 13 SDGS

Creating awareness about the importance of ecology and nature around us. Calling out people to save environment and stop deforestation.

Saving tress and forests are must for the survival of all kinds of beings on earth .

Hariyar Chhattisgarh.jpg

Goal 3 SDGS

Consumption of alcohol and other type of drugs including cigarettes and tobacco is not only dangerous for the person itself but affects the people around him directly and eventually is a big and dark impact on our society.

We aim to keep this darkness away from our society and aware people to life a good and healty life.

Mo.Ra.Man. ke Gothjpg.jpg


MoR Man ke Goth

Stop Polythene Save Life

Goal 14 SDGS

Polythene is one of the major reasons of the depletion of life inside the oceans. Every year lakhs of water animals loose their life to polythene.

We pledge to try our best to convince people to avoid usage of polythenes.

Stop Polythean Save Life.jpg
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