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One Step Ahead Towards Building A Career in Art Field.
Painting on a Huge Canvas

While chasing your passion in the art industry, you might have passed through a piece of artwork that gets judged for its aesthetic properties. The creative and intellectual imagination of such works is said to be un-replicated by any artists living in that era.


It's the Starry Night which can become picturesque on canvas of courageous artists like Vincent Van Gogh. Chhapaak is bringing you a course Foundation Diploma in Fine Art to encourage artists of passion for inspiring more such artworks as artists profession

You will learn from this class:

pencil (1).png
Fundamental drawing

You will learn drawing, sketching and painting

Colour Pallete Making

Gives deeper insights of color mixing & combinations

Still Life Study

Studying still life and bringing realistic effect.


Art Exhibition and sale, workshops and seminars. 

pencil (2).png
Drawing techniques

Learn different methods of drawing and sketching

9 Medium Mediums

Detailed knowledge on use of all coloring mediums.

Some of the expected outcomes from this course are;

  • Home Decor Paintings in different mediums.

  • Art Therapy.

  • The skill of reading Fine Arts.

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