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Water Colour Demo

In the month of December 2018, Sir Bijayanand Biswal, a renowned artist known for his extraordinary way of portraying realism through his signature work featuring trains on wet medium conducted a workshop Chhapaak Art Campus.


I was a two day workshop where students learned about his journey to become a painter. He taught us about the importance of signature work in every artist and how one should perceive the same. 

He shared his life's beautiful moments with the help of his artwork.

About Chhapaak, he was really amazed by the response of audience he got to see here. Kids from a very early age were passionate about art and culture made him really happy. 

Here is a glimpse of his workshop.

Its a pleasant surprise to see an otherwise commercial city like Raipur, turning into a hub of cultural and artistic activities. Thanks mainly to Chhapaak and its young and dedicated team members.

I am privileged to play a small part and wish Chhapaak all the success it truly deserves.

Sir Bijay Biswal

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