For those who want to follow their passion and want give a kickstart to it. 
Artist Painting in Studio

This course is for all those who want to learn art as a hobby or wanna pursue it as a profession. You will get to learn all the methods of drawing from a figure to a color rich painting.  This course covers still life sketching, portrait making, charcoal painting etc.

This works as foundation for further and advance courses in art and painting. and designing 

You will learn from this class:

pencil (1).png
Fundamental drawing

You will learn drawing, sketching and painting

Colour Pallete Making

Gives deeper insights of color mixing & combinations

Still Life Study

Studying still life and bringing realistic effect.


Art Exhibition and sale, workshops and seminars. 

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Drawing techniques

Learn different methods of drawing and sketching

Seven mediums

Detailed knowledge on use of all coloring mediums.