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Celebrating Art Excellence: Scholarship Program 2023-24 Winners Announced! Updated

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Art students, rejoice! The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived! We are thrilled to announce the winners of the highly competitive 80%, 60%, 50%, 40%, and 20% scholarships. After receiving an overwhelming number of exceptional applications, the selection process was challenging, but we are now proud to introduce you to the 18 talented individuals who have secured their paths to success.

80% Scholarship Winners

1. Bhupesh Yadav

2. Gulshan Kumar Verma

3. Arvind Kumar

60% Scholarship Winners

4. Raju Kant Verma

5. Sagar Ghidore

6. Kumari Jharna sahu

7. Naresh Pater

8. Sangita Sanat bante

9. Sonal Aditya

50% Scholarship Winners

10. Deepak Kumar Sahu

40% Scholarship Winners

11. Shweta Das Mahant

12. Aman Jaiswal

13. Renuka Verma

14. Nagendra Singh Bhuarya

15. Kuwar Singh Chauhan

16. Charusmita Ratre

20% Scholarship Winners

17. Gulshan Sahu

18. Smriti Chauhan

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners! Your artistic talent has been recognized, and your journey towards becoming successful artists has just received a significant boost. We look forward to witnessing your growth and the remarkable contributions you will make to the world of art. To our readers, remember to stay inspired and keep creating; who knows, you might be our next scholarship recipient in the future!

Admission details :

1. Admissions will take place from 1st - 24th November 2023, Between 11am to 7pm (Sunday off ).

2. Students must maintain an attendance rate of at least 80%.

3. The batch will commence on November 20th, 2023, and will conclude after the session exams of 2023-24.

4. Students are required to adhere to the class discipline, rules, and regulations.

5. This scholarship is exclusively for studying at the Chhapaak Institute of Art & Design, Shankar Nagar, Raipur campus, and the courses are affiliated with Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidhyalaya, Khairagarh.

6. Exam fees are the responsibility of the students. The fee for the first year is ₹5,000, and for the second year, it is ₹6,000.

Rest of 7 Winners Name will be Announcing Soon !

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