Basic & Advance Level

Become master in making portraits in rangoli.
Learn creating realistic effects and textures in portraits.

You will learn the following in this session:

pencil (1).png

 Drawing images in perfect ratio.

Depth and shadows

 Using depth to enhance picture.

art (1).png
Color pallate

Choosing basic colors and making pallet.

Mastering highlights

Highlighting the most important part.

Head and face position

Correct positionig of head and face in the portrait.


Finalizing the entire artwork.

Exclusive Features

  • They will get life time support for guidance on improvement of art work, participations in competitions and other knowledgeable activities. 

  • This course will bring refinement in the work.

  • You can become an established rangoli artist.

Mentor : Pramod Sahu


Online :  Google Meet

Session : 8 in a Month  I  Weekly : 2 Session  I Day : Saturday & Sunday.

Time : 11:40am to 1:00pm I Duration : 2 Months Sept-Oct


 Session : 20 in a Month I Weekly : 5 Session I Days : Monday to Friday. 

Time : 04:00pm to 7:00pm I Duration : 2 Months Sept-Oct

Venue : Chhapaak Art Campus,

Behind ASG Eye Hospital, Shankar Nagar, Raipur.


  Seats : 20 I  Eligibility : 15 years and above  I  Fee : 12,000 INR