Regular Online Class

Every Monday & Friday

Demonstration is held on Mondays and the review of art work is done on Fridays. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are for self practice. 


October Month Schedule

  • Learn How to Make Beautiful Plants including Flower & Leaf.

    Started Oct 5, 2020

    3,000 Indian rupees
  • Important Technics of Dry Colours including Pencil, Oil & Soft Pastel.

    Started Oct 5, 2020

    4,000 Indian rupees
  • Learn Portrait making with deep understanding.

    Started Oct 5, 2020

    4,000 Indian rupees
  • Beginning to become a Realistic Rangoli Artist.

    Started Oct 5, 2020

    5,000 Indian rupees

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7 Technics of Rangoli Art

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