Art Shala

About Us

In 2014, with the embark of Chhapaak, Art shala – A social Art Organization was Founded, to provide a platform for those who have a potential to become an Artist and see themselves becoming a world class skilled artist, both Passionate and Hardworking .

Hyper Realistic Portrait Sketch & Painting.

  • How to Make Front Portrait Easily.

    4,000 Indian rupees
  • Charcoal Portrait Making Course from Scratch.

    16,000 Indian rupees
  • Portrait Making with Dry & Wet Colours.

    32,000 Indian rupees
  • to become Hyper Realistic Portrait Artist.

    48,000 Indian rupees

Fine Art for Beginning....

  • A month to learn why we need to learn from scratch

    3,000 Indian rupees
  • After 4 Month you will see all the element of world in easy way.

    12,000 Indian rupees
  • The Intermediate court for Art Practicer.

    24,000 Indian rupees
  • 1 Year Course of Fine Art

    36,000 Indian rupees

The Way to be a Rangoli Artist

Know your super skilled Gurus

Art Shala preaches the ancient Indian Culture of Guru and Shishya. The tradition or parampara denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Vedic culture. We at Art Shala Believe, Discipline is Vital to the Learning. Each Individual has pre determined goals but are given flexibility to execute the artwork peacefully.

Pramod Sahu

"Online Class Head'',

Senior Instructor & Founder : Chhapaak

Vijay Nishad

"Tatya Para Head'',

Senior Instructor & Director : Chhapaak

Arjun Nag

"Shankar Nagar Head'',

Instructor & Counsellor : Chhapaak Art Shala

2 Branch in Raipur City

Tatya Para

Chhapaak Art Shala

1st Floor New Punjab Tailors Building,

Tatya Para, Raipur - 492001.


Morning : 10:00 - 01:00

Shankar Nagar


Chhapaak Art Campus

Beside ASG Eye Hospital,

Shankar Nagar, Raipur - 492007.


Evening : 04:00 - 07:00

+91 911 111 2008

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