Pramod Sahu

I am a freelance artist of Rangoli and Painting . I was born in Raipur, Chhattisgarh on 14th August 1991. I believe that the idea of changing the old formula of Rangoli from 2D to 3D has liberated the art of colours and is the genesis of an art form. I sport a passion for Rangoli and have a strong desire to popularise this art form. From a very tender age, I used to snatch colours from my elder sister and form different shapes with powdered colours. I love to play with colours and in the past 17 years I have tried my hands on the floor to shape Traditional, Realistic and 3D Rangoli. Currently, I am the Director of “Chhapaak Art Shala" and ''Chhapaak Art Samudaay. I provide training for Realistic Rangoli,Painting and other various art. I offer this training for free of cost to the needy and creative ones. I actively engage in social work and events organised by various organisations and institutions of the state. I have learned rangoli art from my elder sister Mrs. Veena Sahu in a dramatic way, when i was was 6-7 y/o , I used to play with rangoli powdered colors of her and used to disturb her when she was creating Rangoli in doorways during diwali and other festivals. Once she scold me and told to create one by myself. Since then i am creating rangoli art joyfuly.


I am teaching art since 2006 to the enthusiastic students. It was founded in 4th April 2014, since I am teaching under its name to the passionate and dedicated students.

Chhapaak Art Samudaay was formed in 2017 with the team of 10 . Now its the collaborative group of various artist formed to promote each kind of art. Any keen artist could join this group to promote himself with his own forte or to develope himself .

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The revolution of Rangoli Art has been held since last 12 years to promote current affairs and awareness to public through the artwork, its been created in malls, streets and other public to attract the pedestrians and people crossing by. Read More

I Rangoli

Rangoli Art exist in India since Ancient times. Its kind of an Art which depicts the epic era of Mahabharata, It could be now discerned Nationwide in different patterns, design and names by different regions. Read More

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    Dear Pramod, God has given you talent which not many people have, you are "GIFTED" God Bless you, lots and lots of love


My Achievements


Bronze award in 2015, at all India national level 3D rangoli

29th IUCYF

Silver Medal in 2013, at central zone rangoli contest held at Warangal organized by AIU


Sliver medal in 2011, in rangoli contest held at Tezpur organized by AIU

14th AICAF

Gold Medal 2008, in all india painting contest at Hyderabad organized by VIFAA


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raised the benchmark of excellence to great heights. We you!


An international level, 3D Rangoli Performance Art, held at kolkata in year 2015 by Pl

19 National Youth Festival

All india Rangoli performance at Guwahati in year 2015 by Govt. of India


All india Rangoli performance at Bhubhneshwar in year 2014 by ALIVE

Contemporary Delight

All india Rangoli performance at Chandigarh in year 2013 by BKBC


State level solo rangoli at Raipur in the year 2014 organised by Hamr Art Group


State level solo rangoli at Raipur in the year 2013 organised by Own org.


State level solo rangoli at Katni in the year 2012 organised by Hamr Art Group


State level solo rangoli at Pune in the year 2011 organised by Shilpvarsha


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  • 1st Floor New Punjab Tailors Building, Aazad Chowk, G E. Road, Raipur- 492001, India
  • chhapaak@gmail.com
  • +91 8889914891